A. You will be issued a Transaction ID (TID No.) on payment against the test series/subject, please use this for future reference.

A. We value your privacy and details of your transactions will be protected as per laws of the land.

A. When a payment fails, there could be two cases:

  • 1. Your amount is not debited – You might receive a message from your bank that the payment could not be processed. You will also see the payment failure screen.
  • 2. Your amount is debited – In this case, you will be left wondering why you did not see any kind of notification. You can send an email to payments@edonline. in and check the status of that payment.

While the vast majority of payments occur smoothly, there are a small number of situations in which you’ll see a change in the status of the payment.

During the payment process, there are a number of redirects (or “hops” as they are referred to in the industry) between various entities.

We have a reconciliation process for everyday settlement, which we receive from our banking partners. Depending on the point in the redirection process, the funds are either credited back into the buyer’s account automatically by their bank or settled to us. If the funds for a given transaction are settled to us- and the status of the transaction per our records is hitherto incomplete or unsuccessful, we update the status to reflect it as successful and process your request.